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Asari clam rice / Seven Eleven 

Unless you're not limiting carbo intake, I'd like you to eat a variety of rice dishes while you're in Japan. As a long-time rice consuming country, a variation of rice dishes is our pride.

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What I show you here today is Clam Rice from Seven Eleven.

Short-necked clams

As Asari (short-necked clams) is the cheapest kind of clams available in Japan, it has been used for a variety of Japanese dishes for years. And steaming them with rice is one of the best way to cook!

Colorful & generous toppings!

What I was impressed first was this generous amount of toppings, unlike typical bento from a convenience store. Thanks to the intense competition nowadays, each brand has no choice but to be nicer to their customers! 

Rightly steamed clams

The key to cooking asari clams nicely is not to overcook. As the pieces of these clams are so tiny compared with other kinds of clams, you have to be more careful.

Needless to say, such a mistake never happens to the mass-produced bento like this. It has a nice texture & is well-flavored. 

Clam flavor sparks in your mouth!

As the rice is also steamed with clam soup stock, all the ingredients taste well integrated! Probably, you can feel some different flavors effectively layered up.

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