Tokyo Cafe Report: The Pie Hole-1

Another shot from LA!

Today's cafe, The Pie Hole, is from LA, which has been my vacation destination. Started as a local pie shop & cafe in Arts District of LA downtown, it has successfully grown having 5 locations in greater LA area now. 

When I saw this short PR video a couple of years ago, I was determined to visit them on my next trip to LA. This well represents a great combination of LA vibe and handmade-ness. 

Good location for a start!

Then last year, I heard incredible news that the cafe was opening its first ever overseas location in Tokyo! In my opinion, their first location, one tenant space of a huge station building adjacent to Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Lumine is a perfect choice for this bold step. 

This newly opened food floor is home of a dozen of stylish cafes & specialty stores. On weekends, most of them could be easily crowded, but an additional table space like this allow more people to eat foods they get on the floor.

Keep it simple!

Store interior is as simple as its own pie menu, but I like the coziness there unlike some typical chain cafes in Tokyo (where you don't see enough space on both sides of your table!)

"Pie is love", indeed. To be continued...

Thanks for reading.

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The Pie Hole Shinjuku:

ad: Shinjuku LUMINE1 B2 Food Depot

open: 8am-10pm

Website & map: The Pie Hole


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