Cup Noodle Matcha Seafood

Experiment goes on...

Do you remember when we started experimenting the combinations of different dishes or flavors more actively for what we eat? In my opinion, the rise of Instagram & the huge success of Cronut by Dominique Ansel Bakery were the major triggers.

Yes, Matcha & Seafood! 

Today, everyone is trying to show off his / her own interpretation of food or dish, but most of them are just worthless, unfortunately. Remember, the priority is always its taste! So, I have to share this with you today, Cup Noodle "Matcha Seafood" from Nissin. 

Not "cheap & nasty" anymore

Needless to say, Cup Noodle is such a huge global brand, which most of us have eaten just to satisfy our stomach when we were students.  If you still have "cheap & nasty" impression about this product or brand, just throw it away!

Even for the people like me who don't eat instant noodles so often, this greenness looks unusual! Sign of Matcha, isn't it? 

Creamy & yum at that level

This is how it looks after waiting for 3 mins. Obviously, much greener than conventional seafood noodles! Contrary to my expectation, there wasn't an overwhelming matcha flavor.

Sipping the soup, the first impression I had was just nice & creamy. If you're a matcha enthusiast expecting to have this, it's gonna be disappointing because of no bitterness


subtle nuance of matcha


However, for the ordinary tea drinkers or ramen eaters, this integration could be spot on. This subtle nuance of matcha is really pleasant & definitely contributing to a richer flavor of the product. 

And this color of noodles is another enhancer. Though noodles themselves are not so flavored with matcha, your brain unconsciously boosts matcha-ness in your mouth! 

Don't think, just feel it.

Thanks for reading.

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