Seasonal rice dish

If you're planning to visit Japan in autumn, there's one dish you're highly likely to encounter here, which is "Takikomi Gohan" Though there's a variation in it, basically it means "cooked rice with seasonal ingredients"  Soy source & dashi come together perfectly with some popular ingredients like mushroom, burdock, and chiken. (Refer to the video above for the whole process)

Technically, we can eat this dish throughout the year, but somehow it fascinates us badly during this short season. (Maybe it's just because of the marketing...) If you find a supermarket or grocery store near your hotel, you'll see a variety of kits for this rice dish. 

Though this country has been a huge rice eater for many years, its appetite for rice has been rapidly decreasing in the last couple of years due to the widespread low carb diet. 

Me? I'm more determined to run another mile in order to keep eating this tiny piece of our tradition. 

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