Tokyo Coffee Festival #3

There were also some special events such as a talk session & workshop throughout the weekend along with the market. One of the big names who guested there was the founder of Ritual Coffee Roasters, Eileen Hassi Rinaldi.

Ritual Coffee Roasters has already established unshakable status in its hometown San Francisco competing with other powerful brands such as Blue Bottle and Four Barrel.

When I actually visited Bay Area a couple of years ago, it was easy to understand how severe the competition there is. Seeing a coffee stand or cafe at every corner of streets made me dizzy! It was like a convenience store for Japanese people.

Luckily, I had a chance to talk with her for a couple of minutes, but it was long enough to feel her nice character & enormous passion inside.  When I asked her about the lively vibe of the venue, she admitted that she was a bit overwhelmed. 

But it does make sense, especially thinking about the fact that cheep canned coffee from vending machine has played a huge role in Japanese coffee market for years. (& even today!)

It's been roughly 20 years since the Starbucks landed in Japan, which means still it's been 5 years since most Japanese came not to get extremely nervous in ordering hard-to-say menu such as Golden maple frappuccino with candy walnut or Creamy vanilla frappuccino with espresso shot.

I'm pretty sure next 10 years will be much more exciting for Japanese coffee scene thanks to the hardworking people like her.

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