Tokyo Coffee Festival #2

The first cup I tested was the one from Foret coffee from Nagano. It was very refreshing & I believe they well represent where they are from. The staff I talked to cheerfully explained how wonderful the nature in Nagano is.

Then I found a name which made me quite nostalgic, which was Hiro Coffee from Osaka, my hometown area. Chatting with them automatically turned on a switch for my Osaka dialect.

It was interesting to hear his view on the difference of coffee culture between Osaka and Tokyo. He said, "When we joined a similar event in Osaka last spring, the majority of visitors were serious coffee drinkers or hardcore fans. But today we're meeting more ordinary coffee drinkers rather than coffee enthusiasts"

"Off course, it's not a matter of which is good or bad" , he added.

It was not just about coffee. Some shops were offering a range of mouth-watering sweets & savories. (Actually, I saw some leashed dogs drooling...)

Next post is gonna be the last report from this event!

To be continued.

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