Osmanthus in bloom

"Sakura!" (cherry blossoms), "Hanami!" (Partying under a cherry blossom trees)

 In the last 5 years where the number of foreign tourists to Japan has been record-breaking, these words have been a kind of buzzwords among them. However, spring weather in Japan is quite unstable & unpredictable, so it's not easy for them to touch down in Japan spot-on to fully enjoy the cherry blossom season.

Yes, I have to admit that cherry blossoms are astonishingly beautiful, but it doesn't necessarily mean other seasons are less enjoyable or colorless. Today, I smelled wonderful fragrance that always reminds me of my good memories with my grandma, which is from Osmanthus.

As there were some Osmanthus trees near the entrance of her house, this particular fragrance has been strongly tied to her in my memory. It might not be as beautiful as cherry blossoms. Probably it's not as eye-catching as rose or dahlia, but I still feel good every autumn in seeing these tiny pieces of orange & smelling this scent. 

Don't worry, this tree is almost everywhere in Japan. You'll see & smell it quite easily if you're here during this time of the year.

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