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How is your stay in Tokyo going? I hope it's all good, but how about souvenir for your friends or family?

For most tourists, choosing nice souvenir could be quite troublesome because they have to take their sizes & weights into consideration in the end. 

So today's pick up, Kawashima Paper Store, is a perfect spot for those searching good but light stuff to be easily packed into your suitcase.

Japanese Paper, Washi

The other day when I was walking down the street of Kodenma-Cho, old business area of Tokyo, very attractive facade & its curtain came into my sight by chance.

And the panel outside proudly says "since 1673". Yes, this Japanese paper specialty is 345 years old. Can you pass such a long-lived business without checking?

Paper Heaven

Once going inside, you'll be impressed by the variety of paper products in various forms & shapes. And most importantly, all of them are very Japanese!

If you like a stationary goods or a shop like Papyrus, this could be a great destination or even highlight of your trip.

According to the staff I talked to, the main business it has maintained in its long history is the production of wall papers for Fusuma, Japanese sliding door.

Tell Where You've Been to!

What is highly likely to catch your attention at the shop is the wide range of Japanese -themed goods. 

From origami papers, Post it to decoration tapes, authentic Japanese-ness is given to each product.

In addition, some have the prints of well-known Japanese masterpieces by such as Hokusai Katsushika or Hiroshige Utagawa.

In case you want something more artistic & bigger, how about these sheets of real Japanese paper? 

They are still produced by the experienced craftsmen, not machines or robots. So it enables their unique touch & color variation. 

Even just hanging it on the walls with a frame could be an impressive addition to your room!

Kawashima Paper 

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