Tokyo Tales #1: Hiro Yatabe

Hiro Yatabe, an abstract painter based in East Tokyo, has a quite unique carrier. 

After having worked for a well known tourist agency for 15 years, his new stage of life started unexpectedly.

Ideas For Writing

"Originally, my creative activity started with preparation for writing. When I got determined to pursue my creative carrier, my daily routine was midnight walking to get pieces of inspiration for my future novels."

"I never expected that those rough sketches I made on post-it sheets were praised by others, but some of them kindly recommended me working on art more seriously. 

That's how this second chapter of my life unveiled."

Dots Connected

"Once I started painting, it totally clicked with me & various pieces of inspiration in my head which have been unused for many years started flowing at speed."

"Specifically, what has obsessed me to this day is a curve which can create a wide variety of nuances on canvas. At first I had no idea where it came from. 

However, at some point I remembered same type of activity was a part of my daily life in my childhood, which was making my original contour maps."

Make It Accessible

"In terms of my current style, I'm mainly making book size artworks titled "Abstract Landscape" series, which are typically priced between ¥10,000 and ¥38,000. 

The reason why I established this line was to make fine art more accessible to ordinary Japanese, who typically believe that art is difficult to understand & too expensive to enjoy."

"Art is not something which makes you nervous or presents strict regulations to follow.

I'd really love people to enjoy art & my artworks in the way they want and even want to know how they're doing it."

Hiro Yatabe







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