Toriyoshi Shoten

Izakaya, it's such a wonderful world where you have so many options to choose from.

A variety of drinks, fried menus, noodles and even desserts are available under the same roof, without hopping one place to another.

Today's pick up, Toriyoshi, is a Izakaya brand, which is currently increasing its location across Tokyo.

Not Chicken Specialty

As "Tori" stands for chicken in Japanese, I was believing that the chain specializes in chicken dishes. 

But it turned out it's not the case though they certainly have good chicken menus.

And one of the attractions with this place could be their interior, which features Japanese vibe back in 50-60's!

Various Menu Available

The first dish I ordered on the day was Radish Salad, topped with shredded shiso (Perilla)  leaves. The dressing poured perfectly matches to crisp texture of shredded radish. 

Then Potato Gratin with flavorful melting cheese stimulated my appetite! But be warned, it7s hot!

What I highly recommend you is to order one deep fried chicken dish, at least. My choice from the category was Karaage, super popular menu in Japan! 

Each piece was large & meaty enough compared with ones found at typical Izakayas.

Its surface is finished completely crisp & meet itself is well-seasoned.

Must Order Fried Rice

Lastly, my favorite Baby Sardine Fried Rice! You might know, but fried rice is the one to be called our "national dish" 

In fact, I've never met someone who doesn't like it. In my opinion, its diversity & easiness to arrange are the reasons why it's so popular. 

The one you can enjoy here is a great combination of nice texture from cabbage and subtle nuance of baby sardine.

Trust me, it's not fishy at all & you'll also like it!

Experience this reasonable but authentic izakaya!

Thanks for reading.

Toriyoshi Shoten 


(Japanese only)

Kichijoji Location 

3 mins walk from 

JR / Keio

Kichijoji Station 

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3e-Tokyo Project 


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