Tokyo Cafe Report: Triple R

Vegan, workout, low-carb diet...I'm quite overwhelmed by how quickly these health-related vocab became common in Japanese society despite having been considered that we Japanese have a super healthy lifestyle compared with major developed countries. 

Of course, it's not bad at all to ask for more when it comes to health. 

Today's featured place, Triple R in Bakuro Cho is a perfect cafe for those with health consciousness.

Modern Fashionable Cafe 

It was lucky for me to have stumbled on this instagrammable cafe by chance in this old neighborhood. In fact, Bakuro Cho / Kodenma Cho area is not a hood that you should walk with no plan. 

What has drawn my attention was this fashionable & stylish looks, which reminded me of cafes I saw during my vacation in California.

Then this suggestive logo of three "R"s.

Concept Figured Out

Right after having entered, I understood what it was named after, which stands for Rest, Revive and Restart. Nice concept, isn't it? 

And more importantly, the atmosphere inside perfectly suits its name. Effective use of wood, simple interior, fake grass carpet, all of these certainly enhance our relaxation. 

Furthermore, dozens of books being displayed (& sold?) on the shelf are also selected based on their sense of value, which is about sustainable work-life balance & fitness.

Healthy Menu

Unfortunately, it was around 3 pm when the lunch time was already over, so my option was limited.

But the staff I talked to told me that their signature salad bowl is large enough to satisfy men's stomach unlike ones we find at typical cafes targeted at insta-girls.

And what I have to try next time is these variety of mashed potato. Smoked salmon / dried tomato / anchovy and parsley... mmm, hard to decide, isn't it? 

The salad I mentioned includes 2 scoops out of them and of course, you can get a scoop at a respective price. The way they display them made me really hungry!

Oh and began puddings they serve are also sold at Whole Foods, the engine of healthy diet culture in the US. 

Considering slow growth in number of health-oriented cafes in Tokyo, cafes like Triple R should be really valuable for those with certain diet. 

Definitely worth trying.

Thanks for reading.

Triple R



Toei Subway Asakusa Line

Higashi Nihonbashi Sta

Toei Subway Shinjuku Line

Bakuro Yokoyama Sta.



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