Jinen Gallery in BakuroCho

Bakuro Cho / KodenmaCho, how many of you ever heard the name of these areas in Tokyo? Highly unlikely to have been there unless you have friends working in the old neighborhood.

However, beautiful gems are generally hidden in such a place. Jinen Gallery, today's pickup, is my recent go-to place where you can enjoy diverse artworks by upcoming talents.

Unique Location 

Jinen Gallery is a tenant which occupies the third floor of an old building and the building itself has such a vintage feel. It's like ones frequently appeared in the 80's TV dramas.

The photogenic scene is already given before entering the venue.

Concept Driven Gallery

The biggest reason why I like this gallery is its well-kept concept that can be felt through different exhibitions. 

Though they generally have a 5-6 day exhibition period replacing all the artworks, you can detect something in common among all those events. It's like connecting-the-dots.


Today I'm gonna introduce you some artworks from the recent events I visited. I couldn't be happier if you also feel something special from them.

The two artworks below are from the event titled "Fragments", which featured 4 wood block print artists.

Kanako Watanabe has great skills to express the subtle gradation between black and white. 

Ikumi Okada depicted seaside night views with blur images of lights.

Then another two below are from their solo exhibition respectively.

Taiyaki artwork by Takumi Sato, who is fascinated with recording the flow of time on Japanese paper, washi.

 My favorite vivid artwork by design-driven screen painting artist, Marika Yamamoto.

This is definitely the place where you can enjoy quality contemporary art even if you're not an art enthusiast. I've already proved it.

Thanks for reading.

Jinen Gallery 

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