Artichoke Chocolate

I don't remember how many times I've covered Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area in this blog, one of the Tokyo's hot spots, which is attracting visitors not only from other parts of Tokyo, but also outside Japan.

Today's pick up is another specialty in the hood, Artichoke Chocolate

Despite me not being a trend follower at all, their name reached my ears a couple of years ago when they opened. But this is the first time for me to visit the shop and it turned out a great "chocolate" experience.

Fashionable Presence 

Look at this storefront, isn't this charming? You'll get uplifted even before stepping in. 

Once you go inside, the pleasant fragrance of cacao / chocolate welcomes you. On the large center table, a variety of chocolate in various sizes, shapes and colors are beautifully arranged. 

It's not just a display anymore, but you can call it showroom!

Impressive Packaging

Another eye-catcher in the shop is thorough attention to packaging. This Tiffany-like color definitely enhances brand appeal & our joy of gifting.

These smaller & reasonable ones also come with this cute design in various colors.

This packaging sense might be one of the reasons why this shop established its status so quickly.

Unique Limited Edition

What impressed me most there was this special limited set of Bon Bon Chocolat named "Artichoke Collection / Taiwan", which features cacao & characteristic ingredients from Taiwan.

How many of you knew that Taiwan is producing cacao? Actually, I also didn't know the fact but the store staff told me it's located on the edge of Cacao Belt. 

Then Artichoke has completed this beautiful "Chocolate Universe" in collaboration with its fellow cacao farmers in Taiwan, featuring flavors like mango, pineapple and Oolong tea!

Embrace The Quality 

On the day what I tried was this cup of Hot Chocolate (¥500) from their drink menu. There is also a sitting space.

In fact, I was a bit worried about its level of sweetness because I don't have sweet tolerance. But there's no need to worry. Remember they're the "high-caliber".

Just get drowned in the seductive cacao flavor!

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