Tokyo Cafe Report: Butterfly effect

In our last article, we featured towel specialty, Moraltex in Bkuro Cho.

What has made the shop so unique is the integration of Butterfly effect, the cafe under the same roof.

Coffee Over Linens

Have you ever had a cup of coffee over quality linen items? Probably not. 

I think this is a great concept & it worked really well at least for me because the presence of those towel products feels really comfortable and homey!

Appetizing Sweets

At this place, you'll have a variety of sweets and baked stuff to choose from. In addition, some curry or soup sets are also available during lunch time.

I really wanted to have coffee or cappuccino in seeing these colorful sets of cups & saucers, but I had to give up because I'd already caffeinated enough at that time. Maybe next time!

Nicely Finished One

What has drawn my attention instead of coffee was these gorgeous chiffon cakes. 

On that day, Coconuts / Macadamia Nuts /  Caramel chiffon cake, plus Cheese cake / Gateau Chocolat cake were also available.

As you can imagine, it was a tough decision to make!

The one which won my vote was Coconuts Chiffon, which consists of two thick layers sandwiching whipped cream & diced fruit layer. 

The best and indispensable part of chiffon cake, heavenly & airy texture is easily felt.

And another point to be praised is its moderate sweetness of cream. It feels spot-on without making me feel sick.

Don't you also want to experience the weirdly great combination of towels and sweets?

Thanks for reading. 

Butterfly effect Cafe

(inside Moraltex)

Website / Map


Bakuro Cho Sta / JR Sobu Line

Bakuro Yokoyama Sta / Toei Shinjuku Line

Kodenma Cho Sta / Metro Hibiya Line


M-F / 8am-8pm

Weekends / 9:30am-6pm

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