Moraltex in Bakuro Cho

It's always fun & exciting to do an adventure in a neighborhood new to you. Unexpected meeting with nice people & finding interesting spots are the energy for tomorrow.

Tokyo's old office district, Bakuro Cho, currently in the middle of a redevelopment wave, is a community which provides you with such a beautiful day.

Today's pick up, Moraltex is a good place to kick start your journey.

New Approach 

Moraltex is a newly opened linen specialty store, having a partner cafe Butterfly effect under the same roof.

 I didn't figure out what the shop is about at first glance, but the unique towel shop is managed by a long-lived linen wholesaler in the area.

Hitting Price Point

What interested me first was their price range. 

As being too accustomed to typical specialty prices we see in the shopping districts like Shinjuku or Shibuya, we automatically expect high prices in seeing this type of shops.

However, the towel price there starts from ¥1200 ($12) despite its high-end looks. Probably, that's also one aspect where their philosophy of "sustainability" is reflected.

Don't you think these variations in colors, materials and designs will make your gift decision more enjoyable?

Concept Driven

On the day I visited the store, what has caught my attention first was these vividly colored ones. What is special with them?

Actually, these impressive colors were enabled by taking advantage of leftover materials from wine or beer production process. 

Though this series isn't their own brand, it's obvious what kind of philosophy they have.

And the board director I talked to, Mr. Toriyama told me that the space isn't just about their own business, but it needs to be where various interactions take place. 

"I'd love more & more visitors to come to this rapidly changing old community & share the excitement with them" he added.

Thanks for reading.


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Bakuro Cho Sta / JR Sobu Line

Bakuro Yokoyama Sta / Toei Shinjuku Line

Kodenma Cho Sta / Metro Hibiya Line


M-F / 8am-8pm

Weekends / 9:30am-6pm

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