Tokyo Cafe Report: Mojo Coffee

Shibuya & Harajuku are the hip neighborhoods where the number of cafes is never be good enough. Countless, numerous cafes have come and gone.

In such a tough market, I have luckily stumbled on a relatively new cafe which should last long. 

Why did I feel so? Simply, it's because of people working there over its coffee quality.

Born & Raised In NZ

Mojo Coffee is a specialty coffee brand from New Zealand, currently having 3 locations across central Tokyo.

Needless to say, New Zealand is known for its distinct coffee culture as well as the quality of their products. 

Handsome Facade

The first thing which drew my eye-balls from outside was its sophisticated looks. 

Who can resist to enter when you suddenly see these stylish woody tables & chairs and colorful paper cups for take out?

It's highly likely that you would linger there due to its spaciousness unlike some dog house sized cafes in Tokyo...

Smooth & Creamy

This is my food order, (NY style?) Cheese cake, which came with a nice surprise of sparkling water.

The cake itself has pleasant density of cheese but the texture is really smooth. This reminded me of some I had outside Japan. 

Then here comes Flat White with beautiful latte art. In fact, you can detect its quality aroma even before bringing up a cup to your mouth. 

The subtle bitterness from espresso is perfectly harmonized with smooth milk. Authentic, undoubtedly!

What Exceeds Quality

Considering their profile, food quality is a bit predictable & almost guaranteed, isn't it? However, the niceness of the staff there were beyond that & I have no problem saying I'll go back there just to say Hi. 

Store manager, John, from California who speaks both Japanese & English, is a great navigator to The deep deep coffee world & female staff I talked to was also cheerful & good baker. 

Beautiful cultural mix among New Zealand, America & Japan.

Thanks for reading.

Mojo Coffee Harajuku


JR Yamanote Line

Harajuku Sta / 

Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line

Meiji Jingu Harajuku





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