Tokyo Ramen Report: Koharu

As I wrote in my previous articles, Nihonbashi was once such a huge epicenter of Japanese culture especially Edo period.

Japanese word "Iki" is often used to describe something fashionable & characteristic of Tokyo.

Then here's today's pick up, Koharu in Nihonbashi, new ramen place which might make you feel that way.

Milder & Less Fatty

Apparently, Koharu is the second location of the famous ramen shop in kanda & it was given a different name from the original one.

Though I've dined only once at this place, but it's obvious that they're featuring milder & less fatty bowls in contrast to today's mainstream, Tonkotsu Shoyu.

Hitting Price Point

My first ever order at Koharu was Yuzu Shio Ramen ¥880

Considering the location, the middle of downtown Nihonbashi, and this beautiful looks given to the bowl, it feels reasonable to me. Doesn't it look very Japanese?

Probably, what attracts your eyeballs first is thinly sliced yellow ones. This is Yuzu, a kind of citrus fruit commonly used to give a pleasant flavor to a wide range of dishes. 

Once shipping  the soup, you'll find how distinct its flavor & flagrance are. 

And soup itself is so soothing & flavorful! This is definitely one of the most relaxing ramen soup I've ever had.

Meat Toppings

What I like most about this bowl was 2 different types of meat toppings.

This thinner one has a ham-like texture & perfectly matches to the clear soup. Embrace its minimally seasoned taste!

Then the other one, whose surface seems broiled, provides decent meatiness and wonderful flakiness.

It's always good to be able to different textures & flavors in a dish!

Whole Wheat Noodles 

Noodles which include whole wheat flour gives such a nice bounce & firmness. Once you start slurping, it make you want more!

If what you're looking for is a punchy & manly ramen, this is not a place for you. But if you wanna try something lighter being tired of typical Tonkotsu or Shoyu, just give it a try!

Thanks for reading.

Nihonbashi Koharu


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