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Definition of art could broadly vary according to your sense.

I, as a casual art fan, don't mind the profile of galleries or artists so much. My attention is generally if I can feel something special from it or not. 

If you have a same kind of sense, today's pick up, small gallery Melt Meri in Kiyosumi Shirakawa could be such a wonderful spot.

Legendary Kiyosumi Ryo

What I have to touch on first is its unique location. Unlike most typical small venues, this one exists as one of the tenants in the super old apartment building known as "Kiyosumi Ryo".

I just can't imagine how this vintage structure has survived so long just above Tokyo Metro's Kiyosumi Shirakawa station.

Single small light at the entrance, uncovered piping, obviously outdated windows... every essence of the building is contributing to its second-to-none ambience.

Room Size Gallery

Sliding the very Japanese wooden door, you'll find a space to take your shoes off and be welcomed by a manager / artist, acubi.

Tetsuya Fukui / acubi

Then I was lead to the main room whose walls are filled with artworks. Yes, it should be described as a "living room gallery"!

To be honest, it was a bit intimidating at first...because the style made me feel like being at stranger's home. But as I talked more with her & her fellow, such a feeling gradually faded away.

Art Lab

She said "My concept started with setting this low table & some sofas, which would allow visitors to get relaxed"

"But what we artists are doing here are something more experimental in the form of art" she added.

On the day I visited there, it was in the middle of duo exhibition titled "Kizu" (scars in Japanese) by acubi & his fellow artist Testuya Fukui. These are their works created under that concept.

Involvement Offered 

In the end, Mr. Fukui kindly gave me an opportunity to join a collaborative art creating work. 

Some pieces of torn paper artwork are left and visitors are allowed to glue them on one paper in the way they want. 

On the last day of the event, it should be completed as the one which fully consists of  scarred pieces of artwork.

Mmm, very experimental and interesting spot! 

Thanks for reading.

Melt Meri


Kiyosumi Shirakawa Sta A3 Exit

Tokyo Metoro Hanzomon Line

Kiyosumi Ryo 2F 208


Twitter: @melt_meri

Instagram: @meltmeri

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