Kiazuma Coffee

People have different standards to evaluate how good an eatery is. While some pay the greatest attention to the taste, others see them as a package. 

Then here comes Kiazuma Coffee in Zoshigaya. What has brought me to this "controversial" coffee was bipolar opinions & reviews posted online. 

Of course, it's not so special that such diverse reviews are given to those cafes & restaurants in today's Internet-driven society. 

However, the level of it at this place seemed incomparably greater than other rival cafes. Ummm, interesting. So I decided to check it by myself.

Good Vintage Feel

Arriving there,  what welcomes you first is this vintage-looking storefront. Its presence perfectly fits to this old neighborhood of Zoshigaya.

 Entering inside, simple but nice interiors came into my sight. In a word, Instagrammable.

Woody chairs & tables, moderately placed flowers in bases...any shots from any angle could be quite photogenic.

Worth trying Tea!

As the store name suggests, I had thought it should be a coffee specialty with this kind of vintage vibe. 

However, their tea menus also seem worth trying. Assam Tea Leaf Flowery, Orange Pekoe, Cherry Tea flavored with high quality Japanese cherry, Sato Nishiki...etc very much attractive. 

But this time I had to complete my mission, which is tasting their coffee!

Aromatic Coffee

This is Blend Coffee ¥500. Wow, I immediately fell in love with pair of cup & saucer. Isn't this pretty & well-suited to this setting?

The taste itself was easy to drink not being overwhelmingly bitter & its aroma was really noteworthy!

What's The Problem?

Now remember what I mentioned at the beginning. What on earth has triggered such a series of controversial reviews at the cafe offering this good one?

Undoubtedly, it's a manager's unfriendliness. probably, he is just a shy guy, not a mean person. But unfortunately his attitude is highly likely to give that kind of impression. 

As for me, it's not an only criteria to review how good a cafe is, but it's also undeniable that there are lots of cafe goers seeking interaction with staff there. 

If you are willing to pay for the good coffee & atmosphere like this, totally recommendable. It's a really relaxing place. 

Thanks for reading.

Kiazuma Coffee


Zoshigaya Sta

on Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line 



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