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Harajuku has been the most popular & best-known tourists destination area in Tokyo. Even just a 10 min walk from the nearest station, JR Harajuku Sta. will bring an image of what the area is about. 

Indeed, as widely known, it's a huge magnet attracting especially teen girls, who love cute & unique clothing or sweets. But it doesn't necessarily mean no space for other demographics.

Off Street Stroll

Though Takeshita Street is a main part of this area, I don't recommend spending much time there due to crowds. And most shops located on the street are targeted to teen girls (which means be careful when you're with your daughter!)

Basically, the more you walk from the station, the narrower the streets get. And that's the place where lots of artistic & creative things are hidden.

This object was set in the middle of a backstreet probably by the boutique nearby, but most passers don't mind.

Characters Mecca

What you'll probably notice while walking around this area is countless characters scattered everywhere.

Some are legendary ones like Sailor Moon ...

And others are lesser known but eye-catching enough like below.

Unique Landscape

From my perspective, one of the factors making this neighborhood unique is probably its landscape & moderate development planning. 

As those small boutiques and eateries are coexisting with ordinary housings in the area, large scale redevelopment plans like building a new mall or fashion building never takes place.

Treasure hunt feel like this is definitely driving more people into the deeper blocks.

It's too early to categorize Harajuku as just a typical fashion district for hipsters in seeing Takeshita Street in front of the JR station.

There's always side-B you should check.

Thanks for reading.

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