Tokyo Cafe Report: Byron Bay Coffee

Nihonbashi is the area you'll never get bored with. For many years, it has been a cross-point where new things emerge one after another and traditional stuff get integrated into. 

In my opinion, this old meets new vibe is a huge driver of the community. 

Today's pick up, Byron Bay Coffee from Australia is an outstanding cafe in such a very Tokyo-ish neighborhood.

Cafe From Aus

If you know the name of this beautiful beach in Australia, it won't be difficult for you to imagine what the cafe is like. (even if you've never been there, like me)

From its facade to cozy vibe inside, the Australianess is well represented.

Signature Cup

But the one which makes you feel it most is probably their coffee, especially Flat White & Long Black.

Though I'm not a coffee junkie anymore, their flat white is bringing me back to their table. Its mouthfeel is quite creamy and aroma is wonderful.

Pie Heaven 

Though situation is certainly getting better, yet it can't be said that Japanese have an easy access to authentic, homey western style pie. 

But I think this place has it. 

What I ate on my first visit was this handsome Chowder Pie, recommended by the staff. As you can see, the pie dough outside is baked to perfection with ideal flakiness.

And chowder inside was better than most of the bowls I had in San Francisco, well-known for the great quality of the dish.

This generous amount of filling is hard to come by at typical Japanese cafes!

Benchmark of Pies

Another pie I had on the other day was probably the most standard or signature one, Apple Pie. 

I was impressed again by these beautiful cuts of apple generously crammed into the pie shell.

You can fully enjoy its awesome texture with an indispensable addition of cinnamon flavor.

These great combinations of Aussie style coffee and pies, plus super friendly staff will never disappoint you! 

Highly recommended.

Byron Bay Coffee


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8:30am - 7:00pm

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