Arteria Bakery

For a foodie like me, who is always looking for reasonable & cost-effective goodies, social media & Google Map are the indispensable tools to find next one.

A road to a mid scale franchise bakery, Arteria Bakery was found that way when I was doing a virtual trip on Google Map the other day.

Specialty Shop

The small bakery, located quite close from Tokyo Metro's Zoshigaya Station on Fukutoshin Line and Toei Asakusa Line's Kishimojin-Mae Station, sells some different types of bread, but it's fair to say their specialty is "Melon Pan"

If you know a bit about Japan's bread / baked goods market, you'll probably understand how popular this particular bread is. It's hard to find out a bakery which doesn't serve this bread!

Somehow this "crisp outside, fluffy inside" guy, named after its resemblance to an appearance of melon, has been stably popular in Japan for years.

Twists Added

The one I tried this time was Tea Flavored Melon Pan ¥220. Its color well represents what is mixed at the stage of concoction. Conventional, standard one is finished in cream.

How the sugar is sprinkled outside & how crispy an outer shell is finished definitely defines its quality. 

Then the great contrast between the crispy shell and fluffy dough inside needs to be felt. 

I'm not sure if this cut-in-half pic convincingly delivers it, but this one is perfectly finished meeting my expectations!

Benchmark Item

Another item I picked up for this article was Apple Pie, ¥230

In my opinion, apple pie is always a good benchmark to evaluate how good a bakery is. As pie prices are getting expensive in the last couple of years here in Tokyo, the cost-effectiveness really matters to me.

OK, this one is also good!  What I liked about it is shell's authentic flakiness & the taste of apple filling inside.

Though it's not like full of diced apple, still you can enjoy natural apple taste. Personally I want a hint of cinnamon, but the lack of it won't damage its reputation taking this reasonableness into account.

One thing to be noted last is that both successfully held that essential flakiness, crisp and freshness until I ate at home 5 hours later.

I'd definitely try more items from this bakery next time!

Thanks for reading.

Arteria Bakery



Zoshigaya Sta.

Tokyo Metro's Fukutoshin Line  

Kishimojin-Mae Sta.

Toei Asakusa Line's


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