Tonkatsu Matsunoya

If you've come to Japan a couple of times, you're highly likely to have eaten at the super reasonable diner chain, Matsuya.

That nationwide chain, a long time rival for a well-known beef bowl chain, Yoshinoya, some years ago started this relatively new brand "Matsunoya", specializing in Tonkatsu, Japanese deep fried pork. 

As this particular dish has been one of the most beloved Japanese foods among all generations, I thought this is a clever move when I first learnt this challenge.

Navigatable Order

Entering the diner, an ordering system is almost exact same as their flagship business Matsuya, where you purchase a ticket for your meal from a machine set at the entrance. 

Nowadays most of them are multi-lingual & quite navigatable, so there won't be any difficulty in understanding the system.

Start From Standard

On your first visit, I highly recommend you ordering the standard set, Pork Loin Cutlet Set, ¥530. 

A heap of cabbage, rice & miso soup are other players which consist of a typical Tonkatsu set. 

In fact, it's not easy to find out the place where you can eat Tonkatsu at this low price. The price ranges widely according to the quality of the meat offered or its location, but the price could be easily double or even triple of Matsunoya.

Your Own Way

These are the three types of sauce to be found as table condiments, Tonkatsu sauce, Special sauce & Carrot dressing sauce (L to R)

As for me, I mainly use Special sauce for my fired pork, but probably the majority prefers Tonkatsu sauce, and some even pour it onto cabbage too.

But don't be so nervous. You can enjoy in the way you want!

Food Of Texture 

In terms of Tonkatsu, you can say its texture is everything after the quality of meat. It needs to be finished tender inside, crispy outside.

At that point, this chain has a huge advantage over homemade one, which tends to be overcooked inside.

Be Adventurous!

If the dish comes into the top 5 of your favorite Japanese Food ranking, be a bit more adventurous to try arranged ones. 

My favorite set menu with a twist is Tonkatsu with cheese & tomato sauce, ¥630. 

The goodness of melting cheese combines with the hint of garlic & the package spreads comfortably in your mouth! 

Start your study on why Japanese love Tonkatsu so badly by eating at Matsunoya!

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