Get Christmasized!

Japanese Christmas could be a bit weird for some of you guys coming from other countries, especially which have religious background to cerebrate the day.

We eat fried chicken from KFC or CVS (not turkey), pricey cake and then illumination ... yes, it's more about eating & lighthearted. 

But when you're in Rome, do as the Romans do. Today, we pick up some illumination spots to photograph in Tokyo!


In the building across from the JR Tokyo Station, KITTE, a huge Christmas tree decoration has been a seasonal event. 

On the base of this beautiful all white tree, they give a special lighting effect to color it. The color changes every 15 sec or so and the variations are...




- White Kitte -

until 12/25


Shinjuku Southern Terrace

The South exit of JR Shinjuku station is no as busy as other two major exits, East / West, so its spaciousness allows some events like this to happen from time to time. 

Currently the area around South exit is fully illuminated by the countless pink lights. This is totally overwhelming & Instagram-oriented!

As this space is open air, make sure you're perfectly layered up & to get some nice hot drink from the cafes or sweets shops nearby.

While this area is fully colored with pink, the other section, just outside of the station gate is ruled by blue lights.

This observation deck space is photogenic even on an usual day, but the paring with the iconic Docomo Building Tower at this time of year when air gets dry & clearer is much more beautiful.

- Shinjuku Minamirumi - 

until 2/22 2018


JR Shinjuku Sta.

South exit

If you're staying in Tokyo during Christmas time this year, just go to these spots & appreciate the happy festive vibe with the lights!

Thanks for reading.

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