The Station Night & Day

It's been almost 9 years since I moved in Tokyo from Kansai region. 

Throughout the period, some Tokyo's major areas like Shibuya have been never ending construction sites or redeveloped without making me expect it to come to an end someday. 

Today's pickup, Tokyo Station's front, Marunouchi Plaza also has been on the list, but finally it's over the other day. 

The Fact

Firstly, the fact that you should know about Tokyo Sta. is that the majority of facade side we see from outside is occupied by The Tokyo Station Hotel

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing it's also one of the factors making the whole traffic line in the station a bit tricky. (like you've got to detour in order to reach from one exit to another)

So if you're planning to shop, dine or enjoy a fully roofed Disneyland-like adventure on site, make sure to get a map first.

Tokyo's New Face

This is the overview of newly opened Station Front Marunouchi Plaza, consists of bunch of green, stone made seatings & open air space.

What is most fantastic about this place is the beautiful contrast generated between station building's old modern style & Tokyo's typical glassy office buildings as a background. 

Its low height & unique architecture are making the contrast more impressive.

Stand Out At Night

The reason why this "station" is such a tourist attraction is because of this architectural style & the different face it shows after sunset.

By being lit up moderately, its presence can be felt differently from the one during day time.

And again, Tokyo's signature image, characterless glassy skyscrapers that shine brightly at night function as a perfect background of this masterpiece.

On the other side, a long straight way starting from the edge of the plaza named "Gyoko Dori" stretches towards the Imperial Palace, another "must visit" symbol of Tokyo.

It's too early to go back to your hotel room. Layer & warm up yourself & go to the station for photography, not for a ride!

Thanks for reading.

Tokyo Station 

Marunouchi plaza


JR Tokyo Station 

Marunouchi Exit

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