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OK, it's time to talk about bread. 

If you have come to Japan, you might be surprised at how much we Japanese love bread. How easy was it for you to find another bakery on the street?

Especially in the last 10 years or so, the competition in the market has become much more intense, gradually bringing up the price range as a whole.

Locally Loved Bakery

The key to survive as a bakery today seems to be how much they loved locally. Orimine Bakers, having 3 locations in the Tokyo Bay area, is definitely the one who has got the key.

The one I went to was their Shin-Ohashi location, 3min-walk from Morishita Sta. (details at bottom)  It's such a petite bakery with the sign of Bread Bear. (almost looks like a Rilakkuma!)

Stepping inside, you'll find dozens of beautifully baked gems are arranged neatly on a small shelf. No cafe space, to-go only, very simple.

Smooth Anko Paste

This time I bought 3 different types of bread. The first one, which turned into my favorite, is Koshi Anpan (¥175) 

Anpan, consists of soft dough shell & sweet red bean paste filling, has been a staple at most Japanese bakeries for years. Very simple one, but we love her badly...

The flowery pink in the center is probably pickled cherry blossoms, as an accent. This is uncommon feature among other bakeries, but this creates an impressive contrast between sweetness and saltiness.

However, its biggest charm should be the smoothness of red bean paste! This is damn good.

Signature Bread

In hearing the name of focaccia, what could be the best company with it for you? Olive oil, tomato sauce, or cheese? You'd probably think of these goodies from Italy. 

Sorry but remember, now you're in Tokyo, which boasts of the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market

This bakery takes advantage of the accessibility to fresh ingredients & has featured octopus as a topping of focaccia!

Oh yeah, I know you guys are not so familiar with this, but take a step closer. They successfully cooked this with a couple of pleasant flavors without making its texture tough.

The staff I talked to told me that it had taken huge efforts until they were convinced with its quality.

The taste itself was like seafood pizza with octopus toppings. Just try, you'd be fan of it!

Beauty Of Flakes

If you're fond of something more elegant, grab this beautiful guy, Dark Cherry Danish (¥216)

Outer dough part is quite flaky & it does taste "real bread". I'm sure if this was fleshly baked, it would have been more flavorful.

Look at these shiny diamonds on its top...they are really fruity & juicy!

Compared with other typical bakeries in Japan, their breads could be a bit smaller. But when it comes to quality, Orimine Bakers are the great winner who has already established a solid fan base.

Thanks for reading.

Orimine Bakers:



Toei Subway: Oedo / Shinjuku Line 

Morishita Station, 3 min-walk

* with two other locations

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