Great Urban Structure: Suitengu-2

The highways run towards the Tokyo's most famous river, Sumida River, from the junction I introduced in the last article.

Look at this stairs for inspection or evacuation. I can't imagine how people back in the 70s or 80s successfully designed these layers of asphalt. 

Side View

This is how those layers look across the river.  In addition to the expressway above & the Tokyo prefectural road beneath, Tokyo Metro's Hanzomon Line runs underground.

According to the instruction on a riverside, this bridge was originally opened in 1979, & the only one which has double-decker style among all the bridges across the Sumida River.

What is great about Sumida River is, the most part of the riversides are well-paved as a wonderful walking & jogging course. 

Calm Your Minds

Even if you're living near water, seeing a boat going calmly on a river should be really relaxing & mind-calming.

As Sumida River Boat Cruise is a popular tourist attraction, you'll see those boats run up and down the river frequently.

And of course, for the people like me, somehow interested in the crossover of those different factors like urban structure & boats going on a river, the scene is such a highlight. 

Vintage Bridges 

As you know, Tokyo is an old city & it has lived with water for many years. As a non-native Tokyoist, seeing a variety of bridges across the Sumida River & neighboring canals is a fun activity.

Toyomibashi Bridge, is certainly the one which satisfies you if you have a same kind of taste as mine. These great characters in the middle of a mega city must be preserved.

It's so nice to watch various boats running up & down from this vintage bridge with durable looks.

Let's plan your future trip to Tokyo under the theme of urban structures & vintage infrastructure remaining in the sleek mega city! 

Thanks for reading.

Suitengu Area:


Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line:

Suitengu Station

Toyomibashi Bridge:

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