Great Urban Structure: Suitengu-1

Technology always opens up a door to a new world.  Internet, social media, & online mapping services...these things had definitely made a huge impact on our lifestyle.

You can take advantage of it for your photoshoot as well. 

Recently, I do a lot of online research to find out the seeds of next articles before actually visiting those spots. And sometimes Google Map leads me to weird attraction like today's one.

Place of ...what?

In hearing the name of "Suitengu" area, nothing comes up in my mind (except famous shrine). It's not a terminal area like Shibuya or Shinjuku, so it's totally passable for tourists.

However, my finding some crossing points of highways, roads & water brought me there. That's one of the points my sensor reacts to.

Overwhelming Presence

Just getting out of Tokyo Metro's Suitengu Sta, this huge guy suddenly comes into your sight. Yes, 4-layer junction!

I don't know why I'm so fascinated with this kind of structures, but probably it's a respect to older generations who completed these great foundation of our modern society with far low-tech approach they had no choice but to take.

This presence is utterly gigantic. I'm pretty sure that there are some spots around here where sunlight never reaches.

Structures & People's Life 

Though the area looks quite industrial & less characteristic, people's life still exists. There are lots of apartments & longtime residents in the neighborhood.

Even such a short time while I was taking some pics there, I saw the piece of locals life, like mom who have picked her daughter up from a kindergarten & old lady on her way home from grocery shopping with a huge bag.

These old highways run through in between a number of apartments & buildings (which means people's daily life)

I can't help feeling awe with the workers taking care of these key infrastructures of our society, especially in this country which has been struck by countless earthquakes in its modern history,

Thanks for reading.

To be continued to Ep.2

Suitengu area:


Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line /

Suitengu Station

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