Urban Night : Tamachi-1

Today's area, Tamachi is a typical business district of Tokyo, which has no particular tourist's spots nearby. Once you go out of the station, hundreds of "boring-looking" office buildings welcome you. 

However, maybe that fact is making it even more interesting to see a lot of redevelopment projects going on there. In fact, that's the reason why I bothered to visited the area, photographing the urban night.

Well-designed Waterfront

And another key not to be missed in talking about this area is water. As this area is close to the Tokyo Bay, you'll see some canals to allow smaller boats to come & go. 

And most of them are equipped with walkable paths perfect for the jogging & walking. After sunset, these canals creates photogenic reflection across the area.

Different Fascination from Train

What I like about waterfront is the structure of infrastructure. The character of living with water inevitably requires more bridges, overpaths, tunnels and even unconventional means of transport.

During rush hours of weekdays, cars of Tokyo Monorail run frequently.

Backdrop of High Rise

If you keep walking straight from the East Exit of the station, you'll be guided to the Shibaura Island, reclaimed area filled with high-rise condos & fashionable shops.

The lights of office buildings, high-rises & streets really stand out especially in autumn & winter when the air gets dry.

I hope you'll also enjoy photographing Tokyo urban night!

Thanks for reading.

To be continued to the Ep.2

Tamachi Area 


JR Yamanote Line Tamachi Sta.


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