Tokyo Cafe Report: CBTL

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 

If you're from America or someone familiar with this coffee shop, you might think this article is not for you. That could be true, but the reason why I wanted to feature this California-based coffee shop in my blog is because I'm totally weary of Starbucks in Japan. 

I'm not saying that their business or coffee is terrible, but simply too many locations on the streets. Utterly dominant. So it's quite reasonable for me to feel I want to support other coffee shops. 

Surprisingly, this long-lived California brand is still 2 years old with just 5 locations here in Japan.

Flavorful Tea! 

The greatest part of this cafe is definitely its wonderful tea offerings. Unless you are a serious tea lover, theirs are beyond your expectation & really easy-to-drink, I guarantee. My all time favorite is Tropical Passion.

This time what I ordered was "California Sunrise Ice Blended"(¥480) Cream on top was not too sweet & its volume was right, not interrupting very pleasant yogurt & refreshing orange flavors. This has become my favorite!

Food Menu Tested

I know their muffins are also good, but there are some to be tested, which are "Hot Sand" 

Basil Chicken Cheese Baked Sand is ,as its name suggests, very savory & cheesy. The bread outside is quite crisp & great package for your breakfast.

Another item we tested was Pastrami Garlic Potato Sand, which was a bit heavier than the basil one. But without doubt the taste of potato enhances your appetite, so you'll easily finish. 

Thinking about the volume of these sands & the reasonable price of ¥380, they are totally worth the trip & eating.

Stop eating miserable-looking super thin sandwiches & bite these goodies!

Thanks for reading.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Nihonbashi



Tokyo Metro Nihonbashi Sta.

B9 Exit 

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