Old Town: Kawagoe-2

This is the latter half of our article on historic area, Kawagoe, Saitama. First half is here.

New Blood Coming In

What attracts my attention in walking down the streets of kawagoe, fresh & new blood is obviously poured into. 

Though it used to be mainly known as a traditional Japanese sweets mecca (which makes group of old ladies really excited!), now they've got other pillars like anime, whose story models this city.

Great Contrast & Harmony

As the younger generation visits the area, newer & more fashionable businesses could inevitably bloom.

It's fascinating to see these modern forms of business in the midst of century old streets. 

And most importantly, somehow they're in harmony, not spoiling the concept which runs through the neighborhood.

Fit In The Town

Another thing you can't miss in the town is rental service of "Yukata", traditional Japanese summer clothes.

Some of us Japanese still wear this in joining summer festivals, but it has gradually become uncommon. So seeing tourists wearing it here is really uplifting. 

Look at this beautiful contrast to an old wooden shop! You should get photographed wearing it!

On the day I was there, professional photo shooting was going on.

I hope more people visit this old good neighborhood & experience this authenticity!

Thanks for reading.

Kawagoe area, Saitama


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