Reasonable Soba Place: Komoro Soba

If you're a anime / manga fan or into Japanese cuisine, probably you're familiar to this dish, Soba.

It's traditional Japanese noodle and at the same time, where you'll find some locality like ramen. Today, let me introduce a reasonable soba chain in Tokyo. 

Komoro Soba

Tokyo based soba chain, Komoro Soba has about 80 locations across central Tokyo. Though it says "Soba Shop", its menu varies from simple soba to bowl rice (Donburi) & tempura.

The beauty of this place is very simple, cost-effectiveness! You'd never have many options like this place if your budget is just¥500. ¥600-700 will definitely satisfy you.

The ordering system is exact same as most ramen shops, buy a ticket first. If you don't read Japanese or don't know what to order, ask staff for help or English menu.

Kamo Seiro Soba

What I ordered was Soba with duck meat & green onion, aka Kamo Seiro. (¥590) I've never eaten this dish at this reasonable price! 

Soba itself has nicely boiled & finished. Some Japanese soba mania prefer firm noodles saying "Koshi" is a key to nice soba! (Koshi is like a al dente feel to pasta), but it's not for beginners.

This dipping sauce, which might associate you with raw soy sauce, was a nice partner of fresh noodles. 

At first sip, you might think it's too thick, but as you taste it with noodles, you'll see the point why it's finished at that level.

Chewy Duck Meat

It's been considered that Japanese have eaten duck meat for many years, but it's not as common as other chicken or pork even today. However, when it comes to soba, meat topping for it has been confined to duck.

Putting a piece into your mouth, you'll probably find why it's not pork or beef. In order to perfectly match with this thick dipping sauce, rich fat & flavor from duck meat is essential. 

If you wanna just try Kamo Seiro, this chain, Komoro Soba is highly recommendable because authentic one could cost more than double! 

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Komoro Soba:

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