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Unconventional Mall

mAAch Ecute Kanda Manseibashi, located on the riverside of Kanda river, has such unique features. 

This brick-walled handsome facade in the middle of concrete jungle is also one of them, but its small width is the one you will never find at other malls. 

Once you go through this weirdly slanted entrance door....

You'll find these long straight corridors, which lead you to the other end of facility.Yes, all the tenants are located in between these tunnel like arches.

Design Lab

This relatively new mall is a home of design-oriented eateries & retailers. 

Designer clothing shops, furniture & kitchen goods shops are the major tenants here.

Furthermore, specialty coffee shop from San Francisco, Bluebottle's pop-up store has recently been added to the shop list.

If you're interested in design stuff, this is the must-visit. In our next article, we'll reveal more uniqueness here.

Thanks for reading.

To be continued to the latter half.

mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi



JR Chuo Line: Ochanomizu Sta

5 mins walk

JR & other line's Akihabara Sta.

5 mins walk

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