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Legacy handed Out

Where the uniqueness of this brick-walled mall is generated is its history. Originally, this building was built as one of the key stations in Tokyo, Manseibashi Sta, used between 1912 and 1943.

Stepping into a central part of the floor, you find this amazing diorama, reproducing what the area actually looked like back in Taisho era, 1912-1926.

As Japan had willingly embraced the western culture during this period, it is considered that a variety of cultural factors from this era became the foundation of its civilization to this day. 

Remaining Stairs

Though the main section is its first floor tenanted by fashionable shops, there's a small cafe & deck space on the 2nd floor, which is making this place quite unique.

As its name suggests, these stairs are the remains of original station opened in 1912. This place surely tells you its history. 

From the small observation deck upstairs, you can see busy Chuo Line trains come & go one after another.

And it's this close!! 

Considering its closeness to other fun areas like Ochanomizu & Akihabara, this spot should definitely be added to your itinerary!

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mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi



JR Chuo Line: Ochanomizu Sta

5 mins walk

JR & other line's Akihabara Sta.

5 mins walk

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