Redesigning Chaos: Akihabara

Why So Unique?

Akihabara is definitely the most characteristic area of Tokyo. If you've been there, you surely know what I mean.

Originally, the whole area was all about home appliances & electronics. From lightings to just a tiny screw, somehow people could find out what they needed in the era where there were no Internet, no wifi, no mobile phone.

Even today, that kind of vibe still exists on the streets, but the wave of redevelopment & changing retail landscape are definitely overshadowing it.

Idol Culture

Then the area went into its new phase in the late 90s-early 2000s when some female idols started performing in the area almost exclusively. 

Especially, the gigantic success of girls group AKB (Akihabara) 48 became a big home run to redefine what the area is about.

Their management made an exclusive theatre in the area, which enabled the group to perform more frequently & at the same time, their fans to make a community.

How it grows?

And what's happening right now? A variety of redevelopment projects which could make the area less characteristic & modern are going on. 

But I'm pretty sure that chaotic vibe will never die out because that's the reason why this area fascinates so many people from all over the world. 

PC geek, gamers, anime otaku, idol enthusiasts, cos players, foodie... by accepting & mixing up any types of people, this city will keep growing with its identity.

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Akihabara Station

JR: Chuo / Sobu / Kehin Tohoku / Yamanote Line

Metro: Hibiya Line

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