Hamonica Yokocho: Kichijoji

Engine Of Popularity

In our past posts, I've mentioned that today's area, Kichijoji, has been selected multiple times as an ideal area to live in.

What has supported that popularity are (needless to say) its livability, and hundreds of food options.

In that context, today's feature, Hamonica Yokocho is the place to be explained.

Old & Good Vibe

One block just across the street from JR Kichijoji Station, completely roofed & filled with dozens of bars, restaurants & shops, is Hamonica Yokocho, originally started as a black market.

Narrow paths run through here and there like a maze, and it definitely makes you get lost at some point.

Everyone Welcomed

The biggest attraction here is its welcoming & mixed vibe. Mainly it's about dining & drinking, but there are also some clothing shops and other specialties as well.

Some are popular among young girls...

Others are gathering place for workers nearby.

And I love the scene like this, small Japanese cuisine restaurant is located right next to a boutique.

Nagashi Still Singing

Nagashi is a kind of street musician who tours from a bar to bar singing for the dining guests. This is almost red-listed tradition in Japan, but you can still meet them if you're lucky. 

Just experience this organized chaos with a hint of decadence.

Thanks for reading.

Hamonica Yokocho:

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