Another way to enjoy Shinjuku

If you're well-prepared for your stay in Tokyo, you've already known what Kabuki-cho, in Shinjuku is like.

It's the loudest, busiest & most famous drinking area in Japan. I by myself don't drink, so I rarely visit this particular area of Shinjuku at night when so many crazy things happen. 

However, I have my own way to enjoy the area, which is to photograph so many colorful & unique billboards. Every single bar & restaurant set out its unique logo & sign to stand out more than its rivals in this incredibly competitive market.

That environment has continued to intensely stimulate people's creativity, having made one-of-a-kind landscape over the years. 

Even if you're a non-drinker like me, keep in mind that you still have a room to enjoy this "another world" in Tokyo!

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