Tokyo Ramen Report: Ramen Nanashi

What factors could direct you to a particular ramen shop during your a week-long or so stay in Japan or Tokyo? Some would probably say "appearance of the bowl"  while others seek for "reasonableness of the price".

But one factor to be commonly mentioned most will be its accessibility. Today's store, Ramen Nanashi is the place, where you can easily access & have a bit unique bowl.

In The Middle Of Shibuya

The greatest advantage of this small chain is having its shop on the Dogenzaka Street, one of the busiest streets in the area. It's just a 2-min walk from Shibuya Sta. This means even your unplanned wandering could lead you to this ramen joint.

3 Different Lines 

The first characteristic I should explain to you is that their 3 different lines with their bowls. 

1. Nanashi Ramen 

Signature bowl, flavorfully roasted garlic & sesame featured. 

2. Kokumaro Ramen

The soup is more focused on its tonkotsu side by removing roasted guys above

3. Awakoku Ramen

No garlic bowl. Greater emphasis on easiness to eat & mildness.

Pursuit Of  Crunchiness 

This is what I ordered at the shop, Awakoku Ajitama Ramen, ¥864. 

The uniqueness of their bowls is the green topping on the right. That's Kuki-Wakame (Wakame seaweed stem), which has a crunchy texture. Personally, I've never seen this as a topping of ramen.

And another key to this bowl is slices of thick bamboo shoot next to it. In fact, bamboo shoot has been treated for years as an unnecessary decoration for ramen here in Japan. But they're boldly using it as one of the major features.

How Was It?

As a ramen eater who has never been a fan of bamboo shoot, this was such an experience. Now the texture & taste of those crunchy toppings became my favorite! They're well integrated into a bowl, especially with the super creamy, mild tonkotsu soup. 

Cha-siu was thick & meaty enough. Nice contrast with crunchy toppings.

Perfect Ajitama

Do I have to add any explanation with this pic? Nop. The pic tells everything, I guess.


Don't be greedy in adding free toppings on the counter. Unless you're a kind of spice lover, it'll be too much kick to your bowl. This was pretty hot for me.

But again, as a whole, taste was quite good to me. If the workers were a bit more smiley, the package could be even better.

Thanks for reading.

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