Tokyo Cafe Report: Hoshino Coffee

Emerging Cafe Brand 

Whatever it is, there's a kind of trend in everything, from fashion to burger. The style of cafe is also the case. 

Though it was just a couple of years ago when Japanese got super excited at having the Blue Bottle in their neighborhood, now a totally different type of cafe chain is in fashion, which is Hoshino Coffee.

Chic, Classic, Relaxing

After the huge "third-wave trend" from San Francisco, which is known as its artisanal & fashionable approaches, some Japanese coffee lovers found those cups can't be everyday stuff for them both pricewise and tastewise.

In general, our preference to coffee flavor & taste are much milder than Americans. (Welcome to the nation of canned coffee!) Then a couple of Japanese coffee chains like Hoshino, who emphasize an old-school, nostalgic Japanese cafe style, have successfully got greater attention in the recent years.

Non-Coffee Drink

You might not be convinced, but non-coffee drinks are also good here! This is a culprit who made me give up ordering specialty coffee at this wonderful modern vintage cafe, Iced Berry Tea. So fruity & refreshing!

Eat Rather Than Sip

Don't get me wrong, but in my opinion, their greatest attraction could be its food menu, seriously.

This Chocolate Fondant holds oozy hot chocolate inside and it's such a wonderful combination with ice cream beside!

And one of the most instagrammable menu here could be this, Souffle Rice Gratin! Most of its outer part is incredibly fluffy, maybe I should say its totally covered up by egg yolk foam.

It's so airy that you can almost swallow without chewing!

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Posted by 3e-Tokyo

Hoshino Coffee:

Location: everywhere!

Hours: depending on location

Website: here 


  • 1000 / 1000