Local Food Festival at Yoyogi Park-2

Bite-size Cultural Pieces

I don't know if there is a better tool than local food to get a glimpse of a lifestyle in those unknown parts of a country or the world. Sometimes, eating is faster than visiting. Today, let me show you what I've eaten at the event!

Yonezawa Beef Croquette 

If you've already stayed here for a certain period of time, this might not be a new word for you, but "Yonezawa Beef" is one of the most well-known beef in Japan. Not as famous as Kobe Beef, but it still is a major player in the market. 

But how does it work when it comes to croquette? Hmmm, certainly not bad, but I was not sure if that goodness was really coming from the quality of the meat or just being freshly fried. Maybe my expectation for the meatiness was too high. 

Who Can resist Yakitori?

Yakitori, chikcen skewers is one of the Japanese dishes I highly recommend anytime. Despite its simplicity, it's way deeper than you expect. Quality of the meat, the way to cook, spices...many different factors can affect its taste & texture in the end.

The group from Nagato, Yamaguchi Pref. was charcoal-grilling their local chicken with passion. Look at this appetizing looks! This was really good including its price. (¥120? or ¥150) 

Today, Yakitori is available everywhere from a convenience store to a stand at a summer festival.

Representative Of Local Cuisine

Kiritanpo is a great example of long-lived local cuisine in Akita Pref. The word itself means this pipe-like ingredients for Nabe, made from rice. Though there are some ways to cook & eat, putting into Nabe is probably most popular. 

Actually, this was the first time for me to eat authentic Kiritanpo Nabe, but this was really homey! Even just one bite will have you understand how important this is in such a heavy-snow region. Soy sauce base soup & a variety of root veggies, best to keep people warm! 

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