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In my opinion, "locality" has been a huge buzzword for various events in recent years regardless of where you're living. If you're one of the urban dwellers who rarely has a chance to touch that rural vibe, it could be much more exciting & adventurous. 

Today I'm gonna write about one specific event held at the Yoyogi park, accessible from JR Harajuku Sta. or Shibuya Sta., but the same kind of events can be found throughout a year. So check some websites covering events in Tokyo ahead of your trip to Tokyo!

Sponsored By Farming Organizations

As with most of developed countries, our farming industry has also been at risk in many ways. Productivity, profitability, aging workers, unpredictable weather...all of these factors have given the industry a much harder time. But this is the job someone has got to do.

it was really cool to see kids excited at these machines & equipment actually used on the fields. People on the both sides, farmers & consumers should work closely together to raise awareness for the pressing issues we're facing behind the series of price hike. 

Embrace The Difference

Despite its tiny land, each region in Japan has a quite unique culture & climate. Of course, it has ended up keeping a wide variety of local specialties & cuisines. 

Dekopon is a kind of citrus from Saga Pref. ( I have totally no idea why Japanese Barbie, Rika chan is promoting this fruit...)

Shizuoka Pref is well known as the best Japanese tea producer. Their various tea options will surprise you! This one is called "Kawane Tea"

If you find out this kind of event to be held during your stay in Japan or Tokyo, I really recommend attending. Great interaction with people from different areas! 

To be continued to the food report!

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