Peaceful Waterfront: Paris Hiroba

Hot Spot of Redevelopment

Over the last couple of weeks, we've featured Tokyo's Bay Area, Tsukishima & Tsukudajima area. Including their neighboring area Kachidoki, these waterfront blocks have gathered huge attention of developers & condo hunters. 

Besides its close proximity to the central business area, another reason of popularity is probably this peaceful atmosphere with Tokyo's symbolic river, Sumida River.

Why Paris?

Among those photogenic spots along the Sumida River, the one I'm gonna introduce you is the Paris Hiroba (= Plaza) at the edge of Tsukudajima. 

I know most of you guys just wonder where the name came from & so did I, of course. According to the sources, it was named after a friendship treaty between Tokyo and Paris. Seemingly, some imaginative Japanese found out a similarity between Sumida River and world-famous Seine River! 

Sit, Relax & Watch Boats!

What is making this place more special is some small-mid size boats passing through on a regular basis. Some are probably fishery but most frequent ones are river cruise boats mainly connecting Asakusa, Hamarikyu & Odaiba.

Ideal Filming Location

Waterfront, peacefulness & the iconic modern bridge, Chuo Ohashi have lead countless production teams of TV dramas & movies to this particular spot. 

If you're a Japanese anime fan or even say otaku, you might have seen this scene in the works you've read before!

Thanks for reading.

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Paris Hiroba (Ishikawajima Park)

8-10 mins walk from Tsukishima Sta. on

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line &

Toei Oedo Line


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