Convenience Store Updates: 3/16/17

Barley Riceball with Beans & Seaweed / Lawson

Riceball is our spirit. That's the food which reminds us of our childhood memories. From school trip to visiting our ancestor's grave, this food can be suitable for any type of day out. 

But this is the scene where people's culinary creativity has sparked in the recent years. Especially, major convenience store chains have played such a significant role over there, interpreting it in an unconventional way.

Tastes better & healthier!

Among them, my favorite store is Lawson, whose riceball (onigiri) lineups tend to be a bit different from others. In my opinion, their twists seem more original & attractive compared with its rivals Seven Eleven & Family Mart.

The one I got today was "Barley with Beans & Seaweed" Riceball ¥125 (=about $1) As its package suggests, this one is mainly targeted to calorie conscious people. 

If we saw this a decade ago, we had instinctively expected its taste to be quite boring & blunt, but it's not so anymore today. In fact, I became a fan of this

What is the key?

Undoubtedly, these green Edamame beans are the huge points, but another upside is Konbu seaweed, enhancing the rich flavor & integrity. 

Here in Japan, Konbu is used to make dashi (soup stock for a variety of Japanese food)  Biting this riceball, you'd probably understand how effectively it works.

If you have a long train ride here with Shinkansen or limited express, this is the one you should bring in. (with bottled green tea!)

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