Rojiura Cafe Samurai: Kichijoji-2

Customize By Yourself!

This could be common at a majority of soup curry restaurants, but what I like most about this cafe Samurai was so many options & customization available. From the level of spiciness to topping options, you can get the one that definitely makes you satisfy your taste buds.

The smaller, the cheaper!

Worried about the calories of rice? Don't let the question come out of your mouth. As its name suggests, this particular dish is considered as a hybrid of soup & curry, so you can adjust the size of rice along with curry soup. The smaller it is, the bigger discount you get. S size=¥30 off / SS size=¥50 off / No rice= ¥80 off.

Art-Like Looks

Though there is a huge variation in topping options among restaurants, this is how it typically looks. The format is "a variety of impactful-looking toppings with curry flavored soup". I've never seen as appetizing curry as this!

For the eater like me, who are quite poor at typical spicy food (ones highly-focused on their spiciness rather than the taste of their ingredients or total packaging), this is way more enjoyable & comfortable. Every piece of vegetables has its distinct taste & the soup never spoils it.

How Chicken Should Taste!

As for me, the greatest charm with this dish was the deep-fried chicken, set behind vegetables. It was damn good! If I say "super crisp outside & tender inside", it should sound like a overused buzzword, but that's how it was! There's no crazy seasoning. This might be the simplest form of fried chicken I've ever eaten in my life! 

Just give it a try & make your stay in Tokyo unforgettable.

Thanks for reading.

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Rojiura Curry Samurai: Kichijoji

Location: 8 min walk from Kichijoji Sta.

Map: here

Pics: here

Open: 11:30am-3:30pm / 5:30pm-10:30pm

*Cash only


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