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Fashinable, Walkable Town, Kichijoji

As I've written in our previous articles on Kichijoji, this area has been considered & chosen as one the most popular & livable neighborhood in Tokyo regardless of generations. 

Inokashira Park, which is a huge park perfect for every morning walking, emerging brands & progressive artists, so many cafes & diners respectively featuring a specific theme are scattered in this small area. 

Samurai appeared...With Spoon! 

In such a lively community, the "Soup Curry restaurant "Rojiura Cafe Samurai" has opened last year. (Rojiura means backstreet in Japanese) 

If you have spent a couple of weeks or months in Japan, one of the surprises you'll find out will be our huge love for curry. We love it way more than you think, maybe as much as we do love ramen. 

Very Kichijoji-ish Presence

The whole vibe there including its presence, interior, the way dishes is served does suit the street of Kichijoji. Some tables are set outside & inside is full of woody & vintage feeling. 

Then...what is "Soup Curry"?

How different "soup curry" is from ordinary rice & curry? Of course, it's soupier, principally. This weird twist had originally been enjoyed only in Hokkaido, but thanks to the new curry boom in the last 10 years or so, it rapidly spread nationwide. 

To be continued...

Thanks for reading.

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Rojiura Curry Samurai: Kichijoji

Location: 8 min walk from Kichijoji Sta.

Map: here

Pics: here 

Open: 11:30am-3:30pm / 5:30pm-10:30pm

*Cash only


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