Convenience Store Updates: 3/7/17

Fluffy Pancake with Sakura Filling / Family Mart

Paint It Pink!

As I have suggested repeatedly, you're highly likely to encounter countless cherry blossom-themed products. Whether you like it or not, they're outfitted with convincing vivid pink packages. Yes, marketing, marketing,marketing...

Expect A Subtle Nuance

And here comes another pink from Family Mart, the third largest convenience store chain in japan, which is Fluffy Pancake with Sakura Filling

You might wonder what kind of the taste you should expect, but basically these pink, cherry blossom-themed food don't have such a strong flavor. It's more about enjoying a subtle nuance and flavor of it.

Feel The Filling

When it comes to cherry blossom sweets, the key is always "Sakura An Filling", which is a cherry blossom version of red bean paste commonly seen with Japanese sweets. In this seasonal paste, you can find finely minced cherry blossom leaves. 

What does it taste like?

OK, this is good enough! Considering the fact that this is made as a typical mass-produced item, the price of ¥138 (for 2 pieces) seems quite reasonable. Having a cup of coffee with this will definitely complete your tea time! 

As its package suggests, pancake part is soft enough & the nuance I wrote about above is there. Praise to the Family Mart R&D team! 

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