Tsukudajima-2: Living With Water

Maintaining It Or Left Behind?

In Tsukudajima area, Tokyo, another tall building appears on a regular basis, making the area more vertical. But there still is such a great vintage vibe as you can feel from the pics below. Yes, people have lived with water for years.

Legacy In Transition

In today's modern world where our cities and communities are becoming more characterless & less appealing, seeing longstanding cultural heritage means a lot. The faster the pace of transition is, the more meaningful it looks.

Being "fenced" by the newly developed condos, the community at the bottom of them still proudly shows a piece of its own tradition, which is a small scale fishery & processing business.

Can you believe this woody, unsophisticated boarding area exists in this high-tech concrete jungle Tokyo? I'm pretty sure that even native Tokyo don't know about the fact.

If you're interested in the mixture of old & new, this is the area you should visit. There are some old specialty stores which specialize in traditional Japanese food, Tsukudani. (probably, not so much attractive for you guys and even young to middle-aged Japanese) But their storefront and appearance are also photogenic.

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Tsukudajima / Tsukuda

Location: 10 mins walk from Tsukishima Sta.

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


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