Tsukudajima-1: Old in New

History & Future of Tokyo

The area I'm gonna introducing today is "Tsukudajima", the neighboring blocks of Tsukishima, where we've featured in our recent articles. (Some consider those two as one area) The reason I recommend you guys to visit this area is you can more directly feel how old Tokyo used to be & how it's gonna be in the near future. Let's check it out!

View from Tsukuda-Ohashi

Standing on Tsukuda-Ohashi, one of the bridges across Sumida River, you can get a bigger picture of what's going on along the riversides. 

The south side. The river leads to Tokyo Bay quite soon.

To the north. You can see The Tokyo Skytree behind another bridge.

Hot Spot of New High-Rise Condos

As this pic indicates, redevelopment for affluent families is becoming more recognizable, yes, gentrification is going on here in Tokyo as well! However, that's also contributing to make this area interesting & unique.

Check The Bottom! 

At the bottom of those newly developed high-rise, you can find some legacies which show you a piece of old Tokyo.

This stone monument was built to memorialize the former boarding point of boat services "Watashi", which used to be a key transport to carry people across the Sumida River between the main part of Tokyo and this island area. 

It is believed to be started back in the early 16th century & had thrived for many years up until around the 1950s.

Which is a backdrop?

I believe that this pic well-represents what's actually going on in the area. You rarely can photograph modern high-rise condos & shrine gate (Torii) at once. It's only possible in neighborhoods where old coexist with new.

Thanks for reading.

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Tskudajima / Tskuda

Location: 10 mins walk from Tsukishima Sta.

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


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