Tsukishima-4 Okonomiyaki @ Moheji

This is the latter half of our report on Okonomiyaki @ Moheji in Tsukishima. If you haven't checked the first half, please start from here.

Wait until it gets solid!

Once store staff form concoction into a round on a hot plate, that's the time you've got to be a bit patient. Actually, this is the stage where a huge difference could be made compared with your home made Okonomiyaki because of this super hot plate which effectively delivers a heat inside.

A few minutes later, he or she will come back to your table to turn it over. That's another highlight you should hold your camera or video for. Hear that nice sound & enjoy the appetizing smell!

Get it coated!

Then here comes the last touch on its top. Firstly, sauce like this is to be put on whichever Okonomiyaki palce you eat. While some make huge efforts to invent their original sauce, others don't pay attention to the quality of it, just putting mass-produced bottled sauce.

Time to mayo-nize!

The second coating is mayonnaise! If you're not a fan of it, you should ask not to overdo it. But in my opinion, the combination of Okonomiyaki sauce & mayo is a killer! Don't be shy, guys!

Add a hint of seafood!

This green powder is a kind of seaweed called "Aonori", similar to the one you see with Onigiri rice balls. 

And another common topping (and the last one, finally!) is bonito flakes, which is also used to make dashi (soup stock for a wide variety of Japanese menus). 

Just taste it!

What does it taste like? It's not such a simple taste or flavor. You will feel some nuances from the different ingredients & toppings but they're well integrated somehow. 

Chunkiness created by shredded cabbage & eggs, the smell of slightly burnt sauce, toppings which enhance a seafood vibe...all of those different factors come together in your mouth!

Personally, I can't say this is the best Okonomiyaki place, but this one definitely worth the price.

Seafood Monja: Moheji

Location: 5 mins walk from Tsukishima Sta.

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


  • 1000 / 1000