Tsukishima-3: Okonomiyaki @ Moheji

Rivalry between Monja and Okonomiyaki

Monja is a kind of traditional snack-like food inherited in Tokyo & generally it is described as a rival of Okonomiyaki, a popular savory pancake dish in western Japan like Osaka or Hiroshima. 

The reality, however, is that most Japanese like both & thanks to the similarity between them, a majority of Monja restaurants in Tokyo offers both with their original twists like the place I'm gonna introduce below.

Pick one out of 60 places!

Though you're determined enough to eat Monja or Okonomiyaki there, it's still not easy to decide where to eat selecting just 1 or 2 places out of 60! So take my story as one example of how it goes once you step inside.

Moheji, located in the 4th avenue of Monja Street, features a variety of fresh seafood ingredients. Topping options shown in the bottom left well represents their huge passion for it. (Clam, calamari, octopus etc...)

But personally, I always stick to a fixed menu like I did this time. My order was Calamari Okonomiyaki ¥880 (about $9.5) 

Witness how it is cooked!

Most Monja & Okonomiyaki places have an iron plate like this & ask you if want to cook it by yourself or want to get it done by the staff. Of course, just leave it to them! That's what you're paying for.

4 or 5 mins later, the concoction will come to your table with staff. The first stage is to just mix it up in a bowl right before putting it on a hot plate. 

Then staff will form a round shape skillfully using silver turners. If you're a foodie or really into this menu, this is the moment that you've got to video!

To be continued...

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Seafood Monja: Moheji

Menu: Refer to Instagram

Location: 5 mins walk from Tsukishima Sta.

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


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